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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

We were shopping along Orchard Road last evening when mommie suddenly exclaimed "Look Joey, It's Santa Claus!" I looked towards the direction my mommie was pointing and was STUNNED for a moment....

That old man (he must be in his 80s) with a huge pot belly (from obvious lack of exercise) and bushy white beard (I'm sure he has got more hair on his face than I have on my head), is SANTA CLAUS? That scrumpy old man is nothing like the Santa I know. Yes! I do know Santa, my Santa is handsome, strong and a HERO!

Well, Santa of my heart (a.k.a Daddie), if you are reading this, I just wanna tell you.. I Love You lots and I'm sure you love me lots too right?

P/S: All i want for Christmas is a big battery operated 4WD (little tikes preferred) ! - With Love, your little Angelic Mighty Mouth.


At 6:15 PM , Blogger maine^2 said...

hello.. ur auntie charmaine's here.. er.. nice bloggie there.. y not try getting a tagboard so i can tag my inner most feeling to u!*wink* ok? hehe.. i have one webbie too.. be sure to tag.. lub u!


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