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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My first attempt at stenciling

After 2 weeks of badgering, i finally got my lazy mommie to bring out that stencil set for me to play with. I really can't understand the adults... why do they buy things and then try to hide it away from me?

Anyway, i tried my hands at stenciling today and it proved to be a whole lot of fun! I created artwork using sponge, brush, chalk, crayons and the good ole trusty coloured pencils. And to mommie's pleasant surprise.... NO MESS! Next week, i shall try to cajole her into bringing out that stamp art kit that she hid in the storeroom. Meanwhile, here are pictures of me stenciling away!

The first activity was to use coloured pencils to create a clown's face.

The end product. Not quite perfect but i guess it's ok for my 1st try.

Using paintbrush to create a garden scene. I love using the paintbrush most.

Sponge work. Making paw prints by sponging with stencils.


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