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Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

What I've been listening

A gift from Auntie Sandra, this CD is hilarious! A fun way to learn and remember classical pieces I call this my "Rescue" music. Lots of catchy tunes and since we do not have a DVD player in the car, the stories and songs in this cd more than make up for the lack of visuals.

What I've been watching
This is my latest Diego DVD. Now i know more about river dolphins and whales than my mommie and daddie! Do you know how many teeth a whale shark have? Answer: 3000! Now that i know the story, i think i will be able to appreciate the ballet performance more when i watch it on Oct 1

What I've been snacking
I've been hearing barney sing about "macaroni and cheese" but never ate any until we found this at Jacobs. Love the thick cheesy sauce but the portion per packet is a tad too little. To make it more tasty, add in a scoop of butter and some milk. YUM!! We found this at our favorite japanese supermarket. The portion is just right for a kid. Love those bits of colourful fishcakes in the shape of pandas, doggies and cats.

What I've been playing
This is my latest toy - a memory game. I've played it a couple of time with Mommie and it seems like my memory ain't that good. Hmm... Mommie bought this from Mother Garden to add on to my restuarant set. We got a bakery set for Maya's birthday too!

What I've been reading (or rather, what mom and dad has been reading to me)
I took this book out of my bookshelf and asked Daddie to read it to me. He wonders if i've been feeling the tremors too. But... i'm not telling them! heh! Mommie's telling me all about Korea so that i can better appreciate the place when we are there. Woopee! I'm looking forward to a white christmas!

Where I've been going
The night safari! We absolutely love the ranger's station where i get to touch porcupine quails and feel the rhino's skin. I'm still waiting to see the sloth bear though. During our last visit, the bear was hiding and no matter how much noise the zookeeper made, it refused to present itself to us. Better luck next time! My el cheapo parents didn't want to spend money taking me to the chinese garden this year. So we settled for FREE lantern viewing along Chinatown and the Riverwalk. I can identify with the 嫦娥 and 后羿 lanterns, coz 孙老师 has been telling us about their stories. For me, i'm content with carrying my barney lantern.. Hey before you think i'm not keeping up wth traditions by carrying chinese lanterns, Mommie says Barney is a dragon too.. albeit an Ang Mo one


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