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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Finally, a garden dedicated to us - the little people. What i love about this garden is that everything is mini compact in size - from the cafe set up (little chairs and tables, cool!) down to the toilet facilities (yay! no nore oversized toilet bowls that threatens to "swollow" us whole!).

To add to the exclusivity, entry to this garden is restricted to children 0 to 12 years old and any adult who wants a peek into this garden MUST be accompanied by children. This means my presence is really important. No KIDS?, Sorry, No entry!

Here's yours truly having a whale of a time at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

I have Green Thumbs. The plants must be thristy!

Never too young to learn - the science of photosynthesis

Running across the suspension bridge - Not for the faint hearted

Can someone please tell me the name of this really stinko flower?

This is how i fetch a "pail" of water - But not quite the jack and jill way. Shhh... Do Not Disturb. Little mastro at work.
Climbing up the tree house, just like what i see in Barney and Friends!

A page out of Enid Blyton's "Enchanted Forest"? - Com'on out and play with me. you globbins and sprites.

Children Rules and the Adults don't get it!
p/s Any one wanna rent a kid (and a cute one at that)? Please enquire within.

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