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Friday, November 26, 2004

A Message from Mafia Mighty Mouth

Bad news. Daddie just said "NO!" to my request for a battery operated little tikes 4WD. "At least not until you are 18 mths old and walking", he said. So, it's back to the negotiations table again. I've got to strategize a little more this time... *grin*. If the soft approach didn't work, perhaps the hard approach will??

Dear Daddie,

I promise not to rip your beloved DVD player apart and smash the remote controls.. if you get me a luxurious sporty looking 3-wheeler pram this christmas. - Love, Your Little Mafia Mighty Mouth (wow! I'm getting good at this!)


At 12:38 AM , Anonymous Daddy said...

Pudgy pudgy darling. You now have your stylo mylo 3 wheeler. Please stay in it and not stand on it nor use it for rock-climbing practice! A pram is supposed to be a mode of safe baby transport, emphasis on the safe bit. It is not an adrenalin pump. If you want adrenalin, daddy will teach you to skate when you're abit bigger. In the mean time, plese try not to give poor old daddy-o any more heart attacks! Please please pretty please?


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