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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Talk shop

Some interesting conversations with the adults

Scene 1 @ Ah Mah's house

Joey: Ah Mah, why do all adults go to work except you?
Ah Mah: Because i'm old already
Joey: But, my popo is old too... and she still goes to work.
Ah Mah: ~no response~

The adults encourage me to be inquisitive but when i ask questions, they cannot give me an answer.

Scene 2 @ the carpark

Mommie: Joey, look at yourself, you've got double eyelids. That means you are going to fall sick soon.
Joey: *sounding resigned* Mommie, I don't have 2 more eyes to look at myself now!

The adults are so irrational sometimes

Scene 3 @ home and counting money

Joey: Mommie, can i help you to count the angpow money?
Mommie: OK *hands me an envelope of cash*
Joey: 1,2,3,4.... 10..... 20.......30............40........49... Ermm, Mommie, is there a forty-ten?

Looks like i need more practice with counting


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