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Friday, December 21, 2007

A Crazy Crazy Weekend

It was a crazy crazy saturday last week. From the moment i opened my eyes, it was one event after another till 12 midnite! Ok ok.... this kind of lifestyle is not exactly the best for kids my age. But then, aren't school holidays suppose to be fun and care free?

This was my schedule...

Morning 9am - Head to Cathay Picturehouse for an early weekend movie "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium". It was a truly boring show, but thankfully, the popcorn and generous servings of Coca Cola saved the day!

Afternoon 2pm - Mommie threw a kiddie Xmas Party over at Fatty Gramp's house. There were lots of games. Totally loved the pinata and "snow"! Most exciting of all was the guest appearance by Father Xmas.. who was none other than my Daddie dearest himself!

For pictures, please click here

Evening 6.30pm - Because the morning movie was such a let down, mommie felt that we should be "compensated" with another movie.. so off we went to catch "Alvin and the Chipmunks". It was hilarious to see the singing and dancing chipmunks. Mommie said this movie brought back wonderful memories of her childhood days!

Late evening 9pm - After watching the movie, I wanted to be a chipmunk too. I insisted on having waffles for dinner. So, we found ourselves pigging out at Swenson's Vivocity. I had waffle and strawberry ice-cream. Daddie pampered himself with big chunks of meat and milkshake. We also shared 2 big plates of beetroot while Mommy wrinkled her nose in disgust. Mummy just doesn't get it. I can still here her saying :"What's so nice about beetroot?!!". Daddy and my simple answer: "Yummy!!!".

Midnite Madness 2359 - Mommie "complained" that the meal at Swenson's made her feel fat and she needed a workout. She had to do some brisk walking and weightlifting... So she sent Daddie, Sati and Me home, while she went about with her "exercise". I heard that she came home the next morning feeling completely satified and lighter (read: spiritually satisfied, wallet lighter)


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