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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What have the Khors been up to?

Wanna know what we have been up since the start of the year?

1) Going on adventures
We've since went on one storm trooping "mission". We had no plans, felt aimless and saw that the sky started pouring. We quickly geared ourselves up in storm trooping attire and headed north for the Zoo. When it rains, we can do the most unthinkable but funnest things in the zoo! We went looking for big puddles and stomped through them, ate ice-cream in the rain and watched an animal show with the rain still pouring on us. We are looking forward to the next downpour.

2) Stocking up
Christmas is over, now it's time for Chinese New Year shopping. Daddie is ahead of all of us in this area. He has already bought a wardrobe of shirts and pants. I'm second with 2 pairs of shoes and a set of clothing. Mommie till date has nothing to her name yet.

3) The Amazing Morning Race
After 1 month of rest, the Khors are trying to get back into the morning routine of waking up at 7.30 and leaving the house at 8am. There's little success so far. The earliest that we can all get our butts out of the house is 8.11am! But, we are confident that we can beat the timing, in time to come :)

4) New Year, New Skills
I'm now in K1. My class have grown from 11 to 23 kids. I've been enjoying school so far and look forward to doing my chinese homework. Yes! I actually enjoy doing homework (for now). I'll also be learning new things in school. There's gonna be sewing class and also pianica lessons.

5) Home improvements
Finally, after 1 year of procrastination, my folks have finally found a local handy manny to fix all the broken bits and pieces in the house. We now live in brightness (thanks to the new lightings) and no longer have to bear with the smoke coming out of the kitchen when Sati cooks (we've got our kitchen door fixed too). These are my folks for you....... they drag their feet and take eons to get things done.... And they keep telling me to stop my procrastination! Metaphorically, if they are the black pots, i must be their little black kettle!

6) The travel bug bites
We are making plans for a trip to Hongkong in March (that is if mommie's leave gets approved) to meet our cousins. We also want to visit our dear Auntie Su Ann in Macau.

Even more exciting....... we will be heading West to California to attend Auntie Su-Lynn's wedding, later part of the year. So Disneyland, here we come!


At 2:21 AM , Blogger Su-Lynn said...

Auntie Su-Lynn is very excited that you are planning coming to the wedding! Hopefully you won't be too tired from Disneyland that you can walk down the aisle as my flower girl!! Will let you know in about 3 weeks what the exact date is...

Auntie Su-Lynn

At 2:24 AM , Blogger Su-Lynn said...

Hi Joey, Auntie Su-Lynn is very excited that you are coming to her wedding. Hopefully you won't be too worn out by Disneyland (and Seaworld, and Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo, and Knotts Berry Farm...etc) that you can still walk down the aisle as a flower girl!! Will let you know the exact date in about 3 weeks.

Auntie Su-Lynn


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