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Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Chinese New Year....

Overheard at a Uncle B's house during a CNY party:-

Uncle B: "WS, where's your dad?"
Daddie: "My dad's been busy recently"
Uncle B: "Then how about your mom?"
Daddie: "Oh.. she's busy keeping my dad busy"
Joey: "No! No!!! My Ah Kong is still at the silly golf course!"

Overheard at Uncle E's house during a CNY party:-

Auntie E: "So Joey, what have you been doing this CNY?"
Joey: *without batting an eyelid* "Oh, i've been busy with ang pow shopping."
Auntie E: *raises 1 eyebrow* "How many ang pow have you collected then?"
Joey: "Ermm, HUNDREDS!!"
Auntie E: "......." *raises BOTH eyebrows*

Opps.. i hope i haven't made mommie and daddie look like some angpow hunting monsters with my reply.


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