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Monday, November 29, 2004

Memories from that Dreaded Road Trip

Sunday, 29 November

2pm: Strapped into the darn carseat again!

2-3pm: It's getting mighty uncomfortable in the carseat. I shall express my displeasure. WAIL!! (no reaction from daddie and mommie)

3.15pm: Something's poking my bum bum. SCREAM!! (mommie killed a big fat ant crawling on my carseat)

3.30pm: Snack Time. WAIL!! (mommie stuffed the bottle into my mighty mouth)

4.00pm: I'm farting alot.. need to poop. (ooh.. I can smell remnants of the papaya daddie fed me last night. Everyone jumped out of the car)

4 - 5pm: I hate my carseat! WAIL... WAIL.... WAIL....

5.15pm: Foodstop. Had waffles, ice-cream floats and bits of chicken for dinner. (daddie and mommie played a trick on me. They pretended to walk away, leaving me in the restuarant! SCREAM! When I grow up, i will play the same trick on them, except that the venue shall be the Old Foggies Home!)

6 - 7.30 pm: Strapped in again.. WAIL... WAIL... WAIL... Fell asleep from all that wailing.

8.00pm: Home At Last! I had spent very much of my time screaming and wailing... with such good stamina and mighty lung power, i should do fairly well as a long distance runner.


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