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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Ever wonder what I do at night with Mommie and Daddie? Well, sometimes we do silly stuff like pretend to be animals, shadow play or engage in simple activities like reading a book or watching Disney Playhouse together.

Other times, we will invent our own games and the latest we've come up with is a game we call "Alphabet Soup". This game is simple but can give us hours of fun. All we need is a bowl, some magnetic alphabets and a soup spoon.

First, we'll pretend that the magnetic alphabets are pasta and stir them into the imaginery soup. We'll make up a song as we stir along and when the song stops, we'll fish out an alphabet "pasta" and think of words that start with that letter. We'll take turns to come out with a word until someone can't think of one anymore - and that someone has always got to be ME! )

Hmmph... i'll brush up on my vocabulary and practice phonics more.... Daddie, just you wait. Someday, i will beat you at this game!


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