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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day Out with Cousins

Last Sunday, we have planned to visit the zoo with Daren and Mabel but Daddie and Mommie decided that it would be a better idea to go for a swim instead since the weather was so hot. So, off we went to Auntie Sumin's house for a dip in the pool.

Swimming with my cousins was fun! The folks have decided that all of us should go for swimming lessons... now it's mommie's task to look for a swim school that will take the 3 of us.

After the swim, Auntie Sumin read us a Dora book. Mabel is a fan of Dora and Little Einstein too! Auntie Sumin is a natural storyteller, her stories are so captivating and engaging. Now we know why Daren is such a good reader from 3 years old.

I love playing with my cousin.. we'll be meeting again in 3 weeks time at Ah Kong's house. I want to introduce them to my dog Chardonnay. I'm sure they will have fun playing with him.


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