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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry, there will be no pictures for this post because.....

My folks and Ah Kong took me to a persian restaurant for dinner last night and it was there i met prince charming....... 4 year old Basi who is the son of Daddie's Iranian client. Daddie had apparently asked his client to bring his son along to entertain me, so that the adults can have a peaceful dinner and enjoy their reds and whites.

Well, Basi was a great host.... he (with the help of his auntie jolly) took me on a romantic bumboat ride down the singapore river. The nightview of the singapore skyline was spectacular! Mommie enjoyed the ride too.

YES!!! mommie tagged along and was the megawatt lightbulb! BUT even then, it was nothing compared to the blinding lights that came from some tourists' cameras! Instead of pointing their cameras at the poignant statue of Sir Stamford Raffles or the iconic Merlion, their lens were focused on..... ME! Gosh.. I didn't know that i've become a tourist attraction myself!

Being a good singaporean that I am, I played ambassador - albiet a junior one - and gave them my most plasticky smile and almost robotic wave..... surprisingly, my less than perfect smile and half hearted wave could thrill my overseas "audience" so much, they couldn't stop showering compliments on me. What a strange bunch of people!

At the end of the ride, i was so bedazzled by all the bright lights coming from tall buildings and (more so) the cameras, i thought i was seeing stars........

So, sorry guys! There will be no pictures for this post coz Mommie didn't want to blind me further with flashlights coming from her own camera!


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