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Sunday, November 11, 2007

STARS research

Mommie and Daddie signed me up for the STARS research programme. STARS stands for "A Study on Strabimus, Amblyopia and Refractive Error in Singapore Preschoolers". It's too complicated for me to understand but in gist, it is to help the eye doctors find out why more and more children my age need glasses to see clearly. According to the doctor, about 60% (mommie heard 90% but daddie insisted it's 60%) of the us will need to wear glasses by the time we enter Primary 1.

My role in this reasearch is to tell them more about my lifestyle like how much TV i watch (oppss.. it's an obscene number of hours), how much time i spend outdoors, reading, playing etc, and sit through a series of tests to check my eyesight.

At the end of the research, i got a goodie bag and a packet of milk as a reward. As for Daddie and Mommie, they received a report on my eye check and $20 which they've refused to accept and asked for the money to be pumped back into this research so that more kids can benefit from it :)

The result: Eyesight is good, no glasses needed and we hope it'll stay this way for as long as can be.

This research will end in July 2009.

I have to read out the alphabet flashed on the wall. Luckily i know my A-B-Cs!

Which is my dominant eye?

Can i see the 3-dimensional picture? Nope...

Looking out for the coloured dots.

This is my kaypoh daddie who wants to see what i saw

The eyedrops administered. 5 drops in total.

I did not flinch when the eyedrops were administered. No pain, no discomfort. With this special glasses, i can see the 3d pictures now!


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