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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adelaide Day 3

At the rate Mommie is going, it's gonna take at least another 2 months before the whole trip is recorded on this journal of mine. Sigh...


Day 3 started late.. really late coz Mommie couldn't get out of bed until 9.30am! It wasn't too bad actually coz it's supposed to be a fuss free and take it easy day anyway.

First stop - The Giant Rocking Horse at Gumeracha. It was rather disappointing when i realised that the Giant Rocking horse, doesn't ROCK! We paid AUD$4 to climb it anyway only to discover that we can't climb to the top of the horse. The consolation was.... we got free entry to the wildlife garden and 2 certificates for "climbing" the horse. It was in this garden when i met a crazy white chicken who chased me round and scared me really badly. We left the place shortly after a little shopping at the toy factory.

We started our drive along the outskirts of Barossa Valley with no particular spot in mind. Saw a vineyard sign - Seppelt Wines - and decided to just check it out. Daddie off course sampled the wine and food, while i made friends with 2 very friendly black labradors. I think i've discovered my love for dogs! We spent a few good hours here chatting with the owners of the vineyard, savouring the fantastic woodfire pizza and just relaxing.

After bidding farewell to the dogs and the owners, We wanted to check out the Maggie Beer farmhouse at Tanuda but got lost along the way and decided to head right into the heart of barrossa valley for lunch. By the time we arrived at Barrossa, all the lunch places were closed. We had to eat at this dingy eatery which served chicken kiev and chips. It's nothing to wow about, but at least we didn't have to die of starvation!

On our way back to Adelaide, we visited the Herbig family tree. A family of 16 used to live in this gum tree.

Dinner was spent with my cousins. It was good meeting up with them again!


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