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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Heading South

It's confirmed. We will be heading Downunder from 24 - 30 June. It's really a last minute decision. My folks couldn't decide on where to go for a holiday before Jamie arrives until about a week ago.

Initially it was a toss between Hongkong, Japan or Hawaii, but all these fell through the cracks when daddie asked mommie the million dollar question"Are you sure you can tahan the heat? These places are well known for their hot summers, you know?".

Then the answer to mommie became obvious, we will head down south to either Australia or New Zealand. However, with Daddie's work schedule, New Zealand is out of the equation coz it'll be hard for him to be away from Singapore for too long, so it was decided that Australia, it shall be!

But where in Australia shall we go???

Daddie : Joey, we are going to Australia.
Joey : Ok.
Daddie : Do you want to visit SpongeBob in Gold Coast or your cousins in Adelaide?
Joey : Cousins!!!

Now, with the airtickets, hotel and car, booked, it's Adelaide... Here we come!

Some places we will be visiting

1) Barossa Valley - We are going on a wine and cheese trail.
2) Glenelg Beach - Powdery sand... beautiful beach
3) Hahndorf - To sip tea and soak in the atmosphere of this quaint german town
4) Victor Harbor - To ride on the horse drawn carriage and watch a penguin parade
5) Adelaide Hills - I must visit the Giant Rocking horse which is also a toy factory!


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