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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Daddies' Day!

Mommie and I set out to complete a task today - to buy Daddie his well deserved Father's Day pressie. So when Daddie went out for a meeting this morning, we decided that we will sneak out of the house quickly and buy that present for daddie before he comes home.

BUT, i couldn't contain my excitment and blurted out to Daddie later that we are going shopping to get him his "surprise" wallet present! Mommie slaps her head in disbelieve that i've let out a secret AGAIN! And, since the surprise is no longer a surprise, we decided to make it a family shopping trip instead.

He sure is happy with his presents, especially with the hand-crafted photoframe i made for him from recycled materials. Goes to show, love speaks louder than dollar and cents :)


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