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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to Nature

I've been particularly excited today... coz I've designated it as "Back to Nature" day! Daddie has arranged with a friend who owns a fish farm to let me and my friends plant some fruit trees!

Right after berriesworld, we gathered some papaya seeds and headed off to the farm for our tree planting activity. Uncle Matthew, Yishu and Yiting joined us for this excursion too!

After loosening the ground, each of us took turns to sow the papaya seeds into the soil and covered it with earth. Daddie's friend told us that it will take about 3 months before we will get to see the fruits of our labour. We are not sure if the seeds will grow into trees, but we are excited at the prospects of having our very own papaya fruit tree!

"Dear Papaya seed.... i hope you will survive, grow and bear us lots of sweet juicy fruits! I will back in 3 months time to see you again!"

Daddie helping Yi Ting to sow the papaya seeds

My buddy Yishu and I posing with the tanks of fish.

I even brought home some guppies as souvenirs. Thank you Uncle for the beautiful guppies. I'll promise to take good care of them!


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