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Monday, September 08, 2008

What would you do?

I was bullied in school today. During music lessons, a classmate who wanted to sit where i was sitting, pushed me away and I fell and cut my lips. Blood oozed out and my lips now looked kind of bruised. When the adults found out, they gave me 4 different suggestions on how to deal with such situations in future....

Mommie: Joey, fighting is no good. BUT... if someone hurts you and you hit that person back to protect yourself, then it's ok. It's called Self Defense.

Ah Ma: Joey, next time if someone hurts you, just walk away. Don't go near that person anymore.

Daddie: JOEY! When someone hits you, you must hit that person back DOUBLY HARD!

Ah Kong: Joey, I'm going to teach you BOXING!


Now i'm confused.... so who should i listen to? hmmm......


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