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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mini Toons @ Mid Autumn Festival

I had a very special mid-autumn festival this year. Auntie Sumin invited us to her condo's party and I was surprised to see all my cousins there too. I've not played with Isabel and Michelle for quite some time already, so it was certainly good to see them again!

The party was a major affair with lantern parades (with a bunny no less!), face painting, magic shows and stage performances. You won't believe it but Mabel, Darren, Auntie Sumin and I took the courage to participate in one of the stage games! We had to dress up as Houyi (Darren), The Sun (Mabel) and Chang Er (ME ME ME!) and acted along with the storyline. There were 5 groups in total, made up of mostly older kids. We are Team Number 5 and the tiniest of the lot. The emcee aptly named our team "the Minitoons"!

We acted to the best of our ability - Darren made the crowd laughed with his funny antics - and we were voted 1st runner up by the audience!

It's a pity no one brought along a camera and all we got is this blur shot from Daddie's blackberry. But nevermind, such sweet memories will be etched in my mind forever.... afterall, it's my first maiden inpromtu stage performance :)

The mini toons on stage


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