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Saturday, August 09, 2008

High School Musical on Ice

After 3 months of anticipation, i finally got to watch Disney's High School Musical on Ice yesterday. It was a truly spectacular performance, very different from the usual minnie, mickey on ice. Theatrics were good, music was great, pyrotechnic was fantastic! It was almost like an indoor fireworks. The music was something i'm very familiar with and my cousins and I could sing along to most of the songs.

I'm so inspired by the skating, i can't wait to step into the skating rink again to practice. Someday, i hope to be as good as the performers!

Good news!! Daddie has agreed to a Princess on Ice Birthday Party for me this year. Now, that's something new and exciting to look forward to this year end!

My cousins and I posing for shot before the show

My classmates, Yi Ting and Yishu are at the show too!

Just us, goofing with Big Gulp

Souvenir from HSM, one blinking hairband for me and Mabel

Snippets from the show

Snippets from the show

Snippets from the show


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