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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Adelaide - the final post

I thought i should better quickly finish my adelaide travelogue quickly before i forget all those memorable and fun moments.

The final 2 days of our trip passed very quickly. We had enjoyed ourselves so much, we almost didn't want to come home - mommie was secretly wishing that the qantas strike will affect us, "forcing" us to stay another day or 2 before we could get a flight home. BUT.. no such luck.. There were many qantas flights that were cancelled but NOT ours! sigh...

Anyway, back to the trip. On the 2nd last day, we drove past the Maclaren Valley to Victor Habour. It's one of the highlights of our trip. Mommie and Daddie had promised to take me on a horse drawn carriage and experience a penguine parade. While waiting for the horse carriage to arrive, we also took the chance to visit the whale musuem. The horse carriage ride, though uneventful, was a truly unique experience for me.

In the evening, daddie, mommie and I trekked granite island and witnessed the beautiful sunset. We were back at the cafe in time for the penguine parade. It was a little disappointing that we didn't get to see many penguines. We were told that a lot of these poor little animals were being eaten up by seals.

After the penguine tour, it was a long and VERY windy walk along the jetty back to mainland where our car was parked.

We ended our day with chinese takeaway from chinatown.

The last day was spent leisurely at Glenelg and Rundel Street Market. Rundel is a very colourful street market and they even had fairies and free face painting to keep us kids entertained.

Glenelg is a quaint town with a beautiful beach. Lunch was at the HMS Baffalo which is a museum cum restuarant. Food was great! I love mommie's chicken fillet with lobster sauce.. Yummy!

Mommie and I spent the afternoon at the beach while daddie went for a massage.

We concluded our trip with a sumptious dinner with my cousins. It has been a very good trip for everyone. It will be a long while before we will be going on a family holiday again.

One thing for sure, our next holiday will be a wintery one (mommie and daddie have already bought winter clothing for jamie). So will it be New York or Hokkaido?


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