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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Babies Network

Greetings fellow earthling, Mighty Mouth is back after spending a few days in "fascinating" Malaysia. It was more a meet and greet trip than a holiday. Made 5 new friends:-

1) Kendra - She belongs to Uncle Mike and Aunt GL. I've met her a couple of times in Singapore but we've never "spoken" to each other. She's a few months older than me and walking already. For me, it is my personal agenda to refuse walking.. it's more convenient and less tiring to be carried around.

2) Edith - Another baby of Uncle Mike and Aunt GL. Poor Edith cried when we started on our journey to Malaysia and didn't stop until we returned to Singapore. I think she must be tired coz it's her 1st trip overseas. I tried to cheer her up by making funny faces but she was unconsolable.

3) Yvonne - Her daddie was my daddie's schoolmate in university. I finally met my match in the sport of furniture climbing. She could climb over the baby chair and give big hard pounds on the table too!! She told me that her daddie and mommie are giving her a little playmate... Oh, how i envy her. I'm getting bored at home with no one except indo gal to play with me.

4) Robin - He ain't no sidekick of Batman! He's Uncle SK's youngest son. Cool and suave! Uncle SK was also daddie's schoolmate.

5) Ivan - Uncle SK's eldest son. A boy of few words but very charming. He's the quiet intellect. Oooh.. I like!


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