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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Me and my Ah Ma

See this lady with furball hairdo? She's my Ah Ma! Don't be surprised. When daddie showed me the picture and asked "Joey, where is Ah Mah?", it took me a while to figure that out too.

My Ah Mah pampers me like a little royalty. She'll bring me over to her house on tuesdays and wednesdays for massage and spa therapy. Well you know, Mommie and Daddie always take me on long drives and the journey often causes a strain on my poor bunny bum bums. Ah Mah says that my bum bum will sag after sitting for too long, so she gives me routine bum bum massages to help soothe my bum aches and "perk" them up a little.

Ah Mah also says that I'm crawling too much - my skin's all dry and patchy. The remedy she came up with is "Milk Bath".... oohh... you should see the tub filled with delicious fresh milk... (daddy told me not to play with food.... so i've exercised self control by not drinking my bath!)

My Ah Mah is special and I Love her!


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