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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Did someone say "Terror Corn"?

Fatty Gramps came home and reported me to daddie and mommie.

I stood accused of being the classroom terror.

Specifically, of disrupting my ballet class. Its a long list but, here are 3 of the charges to give you a flavour :-

Count 1 - rolling around on the floor;
Count 2 - hanging off the supporting bars; and
Count 3 - refusing to stand in line,

In my defence, I was only trying to get my know my classmates better and to entertain them. Afterall, it's so boring to stand in line doing repetitive exercises. The teacher was not amused and made me sit in a corner.

I decied to make myself useful by re-arranging her exercise mats, more, mmmm, artistically? That amused her even less and she moved me to anther corner. And she undid my masterpiece!!

I liked my art work. Its all about self-expression you know? Afterall, dance is also supposed to be a form of self-expression. So, if teacher can express herself thru dance, then, why can't I express myself in an exercise mat arrangement, static though it might be? Its discrimination against static self-expression! So, I decided to protest with my feet.

I sat down, took off my ballet shoes ,stockings, and walked out!

The Verdict

Mommie thinks i'm a little terror. Daddie laughed .. he thinks i'm a gutsy little girl with a mind of my own.

Since my judges were tied, yours truely was given the benefit of the doubt and granted a discharge amounting to an acquital.


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