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Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Firsts

Daddie and Mommie says I'm at a stage of fast developments. In the last month, i've my firsts:-

1) First time i made deliveries. Mummy needed a tube of toothpaste and asked Daddy for it. But, instead of delivering it personally, Daddy sent me instead. Mummy was so surprised that she squealed with delight.

2)I'm now getting the hang of some 2 syllable words, the most important of which is "Mummy" - actually, I only say "Mee Meee" just to have mummy on. I'm saving the Mummy for later when I want something from her and need to tug at her heartstrings.

3) First time i put on my own trousers. Ma Mak wanted to take me out one day but had to go to the toilet before changing me. She told me that she would change me when she came out. She was so surprised when she found me with my trousers on and t-shirt half on by the time she came back that she rang daddy up and told him to put this in my blog right after helping me get my t-shirt on.

4) I also surprised the folks by putting on my own shoes.

5)Said "Yes" for the first time on New year's eve (after months and months of coaxing from the folks)

6) Oh! I can do the hokey pokey!


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