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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just Daddy & Me!

Mommie says she's going back to school.... i wonder if her school is as fun as mine! And, because mommie is always busy either at work or at school, I'm spending a lot more time with Daddie now. Here are a few fun things i get to do when i'm with Daddie:-

1) Co-pilot our Tank (ermm... i mean car)
We've relegated mommie to the back seat... now the hot seat next to Daddie belongs to ME! I love my new "position" in the car.. it makes me feel like a big kid now!

2) Saturday feast at Aunty Veronica's cafe
Daddie practically feeds me anything i want... my regular orders are strawberry museli, scraps of daddie's food and non fat yogurt ice-cream.

3) Ice-cream party
We are such regulars at Gelare, the "jie jie" gives me samples all the flavours in the freezer... yumm yummm...

4) Walking Sticker book
I can make a walking sticker book out of Daddie. Look at my creation!

Daddie & Joey bonding time My sticker creation


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