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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mighty Mouth's Hit List

Mighty Mouth reviews one of FUN'EST (if there's such a word) place to CHILL out on a hot and stuffy afternoon

The BEST place for Splishy Splashy fun
(Bird Park vs Waterworks at Science Centre)

The birdpark has a really nice water play area for children my age... there are cannons and spray jets that i can use to spray water in all directions! My only complain is that too much water got into my ears and i developed "stinky, itchy ear" syndrome - Daddie says it's an ear infection.

At Waterworks, there are too many exhibits which are meant to be seen and not to be played with.... the only thing i enjoyed was the water maze which got daddie and mommie really wet! Ok, the rainbow machine was worth mentioning too... afterall I "made" my first rainbow by spraying water into the pool. Waterworks is fun except that there are too many older kids running around like loose cannon balls - not to mention that one particularly plump boy almost torpedoed tiny little me!

So for Splashy Good Fun, my vote goes to..... *drumroll*....... The Bird Park


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