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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Disney on Ice

Some lessons i learnt from Disney on Ice:-

1) Never tell lies - i like my nose the way it is. Not any longer or any flatter

2) If you wanna be a heroine, go fight a war on Daddie's behalf
(btw, daddie is going to the army camp again next week - something he calls reservist - hmm... maybe he can take me along?)

3) Who needs 80 days to travel round the world? Disney on ice can show you the Small Small World in 15 mins flat!

4) Be careful what toys you buy... coz some may come to live and Buzz you into outer space!

OK... Here are some snippets of me having fun at the show.

P/S: If what i said doesn't make any sense to you, you are probably not a Disney Fan! *wink*

It's a small world after all!

Mickey, Minnie. Goofy, Incredibles and all...

Poppity Popcorn. Learnt a new word. "Intermission"


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