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Saturday, February 17, 2007

My First School Performance

The N2s put up a song performance at the New Year assembly yesterday. We sang a english Chinese New Year song and although we were uncoordinated and barely audible, the adults seemed to enjoyed it nevertheless! Catch a glimpse of our performance here!

As usual, after every school celebration, the Pearls will adjorn for our own private party. Miss Deena invited Mommie to share with the class on the traditions of Chinese New Year. So Mommie read a book on "Joey's First Chinese New Year" and brought pussy willows for my friends to decorate. We ended the party with a traditional "Lo Hei" where all my friends helped to toss the chinese salad.

To sum it up, the N2 Pearls had Good food, Good fun, Good company!

Getting the stage ready...

I did it! No stage fright!

Yishu, do you want somemore cookies?

Tossing the chinese salad.

Our very own reunion lunch Let's decorate the pussy willows
Annisa putting on the final touches The final product. Pussy willows decorated by N2 Pearls


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