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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spring Cleaning, New Hero!

I was out supermarketing with Fatty Gramps yesterday when i saw my hero on the shelves... It was Mr Muscle! I love his TV commercial and was determined to lay my hands on him. Holding it tightly in my hands, i started complaining to Fatty Gramps about how dirty our kitchen is and how MR MUSCLE will come to our "rescue". Afterall, isn't this the season for springcleaning? Anyway, I was glad that I got Mr Muscle into the shopping cart coz i refused to take "NO" for an answer.

When Mommie came to pick us up, she asked why i was holding on to a bottle of detergent.. Here's an excerpt of the conversation

Mommie: Joey what is that you are holding in your hands?
ME: It's Mr Muscle!
Fatty Gramps: She insist that i must buy it for her!
ME: Our kitchen is VERY dirty.
Mommie: ok, ok... since you bought it, you must clean the kitchen floor with it then.
ME: NO! Not the kitchen floor. This is for Kitchen walls!

Since i like Mr Muscle so much, mommie thought I might enjoy the american version of the commerical, which she ripped off the net. Uh Mommie, I'm not impressed... that guy's a wimp!

Mr Muscle Original Commerical 1

Mr Muscle Original Commercial 2


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