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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vroom Vroom

I've sort of outgrown my freebie bicycle and Daddie thought it's time i learn to cycle on the real mc coy! So, off we went shopping for my new set of wheels yesterday and I rode home on this (that is....... from the void deck, into the lift and to our doorstep).

Mommie got a new sets of wheels too..... but she didn't ask for them though. It was Daddie who insisted on getting them for mommie despite her thousand and one "reasons" why Daddie should save the expense. But alas! It was a lost cause, so here's presenting mommie's swanking K2 wheels.

Though my new set of wheels are not quite vroom vrooms but I think Daddie's hidden agenda is to make mommie exercise harder and perhaps someday he'll turn her into a va va vroom?

-------------------------- side story -------------------------------

Shhhhh....I think Daddie was motivated to help mommie shed some kilos after this episode....

Daddie: Joey, you are not eating your lunch. Look how skinny you are! You've got to eat more so that you'll grow big and fat.

Me: *looked at mommie with big round eyes* - Like you??

Mommie: *speechless* ??????


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