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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hawker Fare

Yay! I survived my 1st hawker experience

Whatever hawker fare i've had, it has always been consumed in aircon comfort - either in daddie's office or at home. And yesterday, I've had my first hand experience of eating hawker food at a hawker centre.

And oh boy! It was really hot and ..... dirty! By the time we found a seat, I've almost lost all my appetite. It took daddie, mommie and fatty gramps more than 30mins to cagole me into trying the bak kut teh. True to mommie's analogy - "东西不脏,不好吃!", the soup was really quite tasty and i walloped 3 pieces of the yummy pork ribs. Haizz.. for the sake of food, i guess i won't mind eating out at a hawker centre again... but the environment really leaves a lot to be desired.


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