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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ah Mah's Birthday

We celebrated Ah Mah's birthday at Tanah Merah on Sunday. The food was the worst we had at that restaurant so far, but the company and wine *hic* was great!

Happy Birthday Ah Mah! Hope you like the camera we bought for you!
(p.s. erm... please remember you said you will share the camera with me)

Ah mah's birthday cake. Looks like her doesn't it?

Here's a kiss for the birthday girl.

The lovely couple (when they dun fight). My Ah Kong and Ah Mah

The funny duo.... Auntie Pinky and Jiejie Nikkolette

The young and old sweeties!

The joker trios

Yummmm Sengggggggg!

The family's favorite dessert - bomb Alaska

No doubt abt it... it's my favourite dessert. Bombs away!!

Another great family gathering brought to you by the Khors!


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