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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Farmer Joey's Garden

Mommie came home with an interesting goodie bag last friday. In it, there was a packet of dirt, a little baby pot and some mystery seeds. This reminded me of my Little Einstein storybook "Farmer Annie's Garden"! I wanted do what Annie did... plant the seeds, give it lots of water, sunshine and love, and watch it grow!

So here's the little green thumbs at work.. i can't wait to see what these mysterious seeds will grow into. Will it be some musical instruments, fruits or flowers? To find out, stay tuned!

The dirt, pott and mystery seeds

Step 1: Mix the seeds into the dirt

Step 2: Water it... but wait!!! I think my watering can is too big.. It'll drown out my mystery seed

Ok.. this watering can looks better. Now i just need to give my mystery seed, some sunshine and love.. and watch it grow.. Grow.. GROW....


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