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Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Festivities

My Chinese New Year calendar of events:-

Tues (5 Feb) - Reunion Dinner with the Khor Family
Wed (6 Feb) - Reunion Dinner with the Chiang Family
Thurs (7 Feb) - Visitng the Khors and Chiangs
Fri (8 Feb) - We decided that we wanted some "us" time and spent the day shopping and relaxing at home
Sat (9 Feb) - Daddie's friends came by to visit.
Sun (10 Feb) - Mommie's friends came by to visit, followed by visit to my favourite cousins' place!

Next weekend, we will be heading north to KL to attend Uncle Say Kian's BBQ party at his house. It'll be our first trip out of Singapore in the year of the Rat.

First thing i did in the morning was to help mommie count money and pack them into the angpows

Reunion with the Khor Family

Ah Kong, Ah Ma and their two grand daughters

Reunion with the Chiang Family

Making Popiah.


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