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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All I want for my 5th Birthday

Last night Mommie, Daddie and I sat in front of the TV watching one of our favourite shows "Jon and Kate plus 8". In this episode, the kids had a lot of fun at an organic farm, feeding chickens and going on tractor rides. Suddenly, an idea struck me.....

Joey: Mommie, can i have a COW for my 5th birthday?

Mommie: A cow? Where are you going to put the cow?

Joey: In the fridge, so i can have fresh milk anytime i want.

Daddie: Do you know a cow is too big for our fridge?

Joey: OK! then we let's put it in the kitchen

Daddie: So where is the cow gonna poo poo?

Joey: Urmm....... Newspapers!!!

Daddie: Do you know that a cow is about the size of vovo (sic) (vovo is the name of daddie's car. Mommie's car is named Jumbo.)

Joey: AH!!! Then we can park the Cow in the carpark, next to vovo!

Mommie: Great idea, Joey! I love strawberry milk, let's get a pink cow!

Joey: I like fresh milk. I want a black and white cow.

Mommie: Ok... let's get 2 cows!! One pink and one white!

Mommie and Joey: So daddie, are you getting us the cows? You can get yourself a brown one if you like chocolate milk.

Daddie: *pulling his hair out* (not that he has a lot of them) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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