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Monday, March 31, 2008

K1 and K2 Sports Day 2008

It was Sports Day for K1 and K2s today. It seems to be a larger scale than previous years. I participated in 7 events this year - The 3 legged race, Raid the nest, Fishing game, Fill the bucket, Obstacle course, Bus Driver and Hula Hoop challenge.

There was also the teacher's race where they had to dip their faces into mushy jello and teacher-parent 3 legged event. Pity daddie had a meeting this morning and mommie couldn't join in the race coz she's carrying Jamie. Otherwise, it'll be fun to see my folks participate in the sports day as well.

Here are some of the photos.

Hula hoop challenge. Slow and steady.

3 legged race with my parter Kaede

Team event - Bus driver. The bus driver must pick up all the passengers

Raid the nest. The team that picks up the most bean bags, wins!

Fill the bucket. I always love water games

Fishing Game - Each team fishes out the colours of their team. I think i'm good at it

The teachers' race - see Miss Lena and Miss Iris dip their faces into gooey jello

Parent and teacher's race - They up the ante by carrying eggs on a spoon

Everyone goes home a winner!

Hip Hip Hooray!! 3 cheers for a fantastic sports day!


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