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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Against all odds

Announcing my promotion in the Khor family hierarchy. I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER in October when my baby sister Jamie is born.

I've been feeling disappointed for a month when Dr Ann told my parents to expect a baby boy. I wanted a baby sister! And so, i wish very hard for a baby sister everday and guess what? When mommie went for her ultrasound yesterday, my baby brother has turned in a Baby sister. My wish has come true!!

I guess i'm a truly blessed one. I've once wished for a portable dvd player to watch my Diego DVDs and Daddie won just that in a lucky draw.

Then there was this time we went horseriding and i said i wish i could ride on a white horse instead of a brown one, and just as my turn came, the groom changed the tired looking brown horse to a white one!

A few months back, i wished for a little sibling and not long after, mommie announced that she's pregnant!

Now i wished for a baby sister and viola, i got myself a baby sister! :)

So, here's a message for my darling parents... "Wishing against me is a waste of time"


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