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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barney is a Dinosaur

Learnt a new song from my cousin Darren today. Never fails to crack me up, when he sings it... Darren sure is the funniest (and only) boy in the family!

Here goes the lyrics (to the tune of Barney's opening music)


Barney is a Dinosaur
With no imagination
When he went to hospital
He died of Suffocation!


While we are at this, mommie also found some really funny barney parody songs on the internet (from stanford uni, no less!) which she promised to teach me later.... Oooh Barney, dun worry, I still love you!

Sing them to the tune of "I Love You"

I hate you, You hate me.
Barney's a stupid dinosaur.
With a kick, and a punch, we'll knock him to the floor.
No more purple Dinosaur.

And this... is dedicated to my daddie dearest.

I sue you, you sue me
legal technicalities
with a lawsuit, court order, hearing and arrest
we'll just see which lawyer's best!


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