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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Am i really a funny bunny?

Sometimes, i throw the adults into fits of laughter with my funny talk...

Funny Talk 1 - Blowing a kiss
I blew a kiss in the car and exclaimed "Hey, someone quickly catch the kiss that's flying in the car!"

Fatty gramps caught my kiss and i continued "Now you got to eat it, so it'll go right to your heart"

Funny Talk 2 - How much is a kiss
Daddie rang up one afternoon to ask for a kiss from me, so mommie drove me to his office and i gave him a loud smacking kiss.

Mommie:"Joey, do you know that the kiss cost me $1?! (mommie had to drive through one ERP gantry to get to daddie's office)

Joey:"$1? No! My kiss is $80,000 each. Now, give me $80,000!"


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