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Saturday, January 29, 2005

My First Cable Car Ride

Yesterday, daddie and mommie rewarded my good behaviour with a ride on the cable car! However, just as we were queuing for tickets, daddie said he has a tummyache and needs to poo poo urgently.... so in the end it was mommie, fatty gramps and indo gal who joined me in my cool cable car ride.

On the ride, I saw a big, big ship with a big, big chimney and lots of big, big lights. Mommie explained to me that it's a ship that will bring people to malaysia and beyond. Hmm... I'll have to persuade daddie and mommie to take me on a ride on that big ship one day.

I had great fun and enjoyed every moment of the ride. Unfortunately, i can't say the same for indo gal - her face was pale and she didn't move an inch throughout. I wonder why?

Here's a picture to commemorate my maiden voyage on a cable car.


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