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Sunday, March 27, 2005

2 Men and a little Mighty Mouth

This is my first blog entry with daddie's help (coz mummy is away in sydney to buy lotsa pretty dresses for me!).. Ok, here goes:-

I had my first all guys outing today. It all started with Daddie feeling greedy at lunch time. However, Ah Mah was not feeling well, Grand Auntie Susan and Fatty Gramps were working. Indo gal didn't want to go out...but...Daddie's appetite overcame his phobia for nappy changing so he brought Uncle Da Bao to help entertain me.

Daddie took us to triple three's buffet and what a spread that was!!! There was lobster soup dipped in bread...baked carrots and bakedfish...and finally, for dessert....watermelon, papaya, and, my favourite...Yummilicious Ice Cream! It was sooo yummy and i didn't stop eating.

To show them that I am getting bigger and better co-ordinated, I also fed Daddie and Uncle Da Bao roast beef and water. Did i also tell you that i just had to do a big smelly poo poo in the middle of it all? Uncle Da Bao's face went white when daddy asked him if he wanted to watch the nappy change which was quite an event in itself.

It took about 10 minutes. i did lot of twisting and rolling and playing with the huge wall mounted mirror on that huge nappy changing table (in the gents!) at mandarin orchard.... while daddy tried to clean my bum bum ...but, i he used more wet wipes and tissues then anybodyelse... but, i wasn't completely unhelpful. being the helpful little girl i am, i helped by unscrewing the drapoline and squeezing out two very generous helpings...see, i'm growing up...soon, i'll know how to do all of this myself.


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