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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Juniors

Here's a pic of me and my cousins. I hardly see them except during major family events. This time, we were gathered at grand uncle chye's home to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of Michelle and Isabelle's parents. Michelle and Isabelle are really fortunate coz Auntie Sandra whips up the yummiest steak, mash and lemon pies.

Daddie always complain about mommie filling up the house with toys..... he should see their collection!!! Not forgetting Grand Uncle Chye was great fun to play with too.... i wish ah gong could be like him. Ah Gong see more of those small white dimpled balls (i think the adults call them goof balls or something...) than me!

Test driving michelle's beetle Michelle, Darren, ME, Mable


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