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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Visit to Gigantic Ball Pit

Daddie and Mommie brought me to a shopping centre with a gigantic ball pit, slides and the works! I had the greatest fun of my life (15 months and 29 days to be exact). Daddie was so inspired, he's going to persuade Ah Mah to convert one of the rooms on the 3rd floor into a ballpit playground.. YES! My own private Mighty Mouth playground in the comfort of Ah Mah's house! Oooh.. I'm so excited!

Wow wee... this is fun!

Off to the bouncy castle

Daddie's having fun too!

Mommie's exhausted but you can't say the same for me!


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