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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Story of Mountain and Molehill

Adults are such a bunch of unfathomable creatures. They don't understand me at all -and that's a mutual feeling. Here's my story:- Yesterday, we celerated Auntie Su Ann's birthday. I was enjoying the peking duck when i felt an urge to poop. I had to stay still so as to concentrate on purging that irritating piece of poop out. Suddenly, cousin Nikkolette raised the alarm by exclaiming that something was wrong with me because i wasn't moving.

In a flash, ah mah raced to my "rescue" and started forcing my mouth open and digging into it! I was completely stunned by their reaction. What are these adults thinking?! Well, i didn't know how to react except to cry. Ah Mah then deduced that i wasn't choking since i could cry so loudly. Choking? But, I was only pooping!!

The truth was out when my diaper could no longer hold the stench of my poop.. only then did the adults realised that i was only pooping and not choking!


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