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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mighty Mouth's Travelogue - Part 1 of 3

Day 1 (Singapore - Perth)

I was roused from my sweet slumber early in the morning. Ah Ma was there to send us to the airport. I think she must miss me a lot because she didn’t stop planting kisses on my cheeks until a man in blue uniform came to chase her away.

I’ve always enjoyed my plane rides especially during landing and takeoff. The experience is likened to a roller coaster ride. Ok! Not that I’ve rode on a roller coaster before (remember, I’m only 16 months) but mummy reckoned that the feeling is similar.

My time on the plane was spent munching away… there was pumpkin ravioli, my favourite ice cream and spongy headphones!

I want more ice-cream!

Yummicilious headphones

Tomatoes (Finders Keepers)

I'll make pumpkin soup
out of you, Duckie!

Day 2 (Perth - Pemberton)

We took a long drive to a place called Pemberton. Mommie told me that it’s a big big forest just like the one Goldilocks and the 3 bears lived in. We felt like dwarfs driving through the Karri Forest with lots of giant Karri (obviously!) trees.

Our entourage (a party of 13, including little me) stayed in this really beautiful cottage at the Lavender and Berry farm. There were animals roaming around freely in our garden! I saw some alpacas (they too have only 4 teeth, just like me!) and a couple of miniature horses (one of them is called Muffin, the other Milkshake).

Being the kind little girl I am, I offered my ONE and ONLY banana to the horses… but Fatty Gramps said that they are too fat and cannot eat anymore. Too bad for them!

Look! No shoes are too big for my feet

Milkshake and Muffin are too fat.


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