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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Drama Princess

Daddie and Mommie thinks that my talent lies in drama. Here's a list of the acts i've put up to amuse the grown ups:-

1) Limp like Fatty Gramp

Just 2 days ago, I pretended to limp around like Fatty Gramps. I pointed to my left knee and put a grimace on my face. Indogal was worried and told Mommie that something is wrong with me. They quickly picked me up and started massaging my knee with ointment. Seconds after the "massage", i was up and bouncing around! You should have seen Mommie's face - she was in total disbelieve!! Gotcha.

2) Cut hair like a Pro

I've learnt to cut hair from Indogal. Hey, don't ever undermine her ok.. she's her kampong hairdresser alright!

It is now almost a nightly ritual for me to gather Daddie, Mommie, Fatty Gramps and Indogal in my room to receive a complimentary play-pretend full suite of hair saloon services (includes shampooing, rinsing and trimming) from me..

My christmas wish is for mommie to buy me a toy hair dryer.

3) Cook like a Chef

I'm putting my toy kitchen to good use. I can fry an egg... yes... and add pepper and soy sauce too!. Chill the milk and yogurt in the toy "refrigerator" and bake the donuts in the toy "oven"

4) Climb the Gate like Spiderman!

No need for words. I'll let this picture speak for itself :)


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