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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Disaster is my middle name?

It was by chance Daddie discovered a little Gelare outlet hidden at an inconspicuous corner of Suntec City - all thanks to mummy who "only" wanted to "check out" Toys"R"Us. Since the discovery, there was no turning back! It has become our family's favourite haunt... we are their their most regular....uh.... should i also say "infamous" customers.

You see, yours truly is at the "Monkey See, Monkey Do" stage of development. Daddie samples ice-cream, i sample too. Daddie pours syrup over waffles, i pour too (uh oh! ... except my syrup landed on their swanky new sofa, the sparkling floor and my stylish new clothes.)

Mommie slapped her head and said" OH NO!!!!!!"... i too slapped my head and..... OH OH!! The syrup on my hand has gel'ed my hair together!!"

Daddie says "disaster" is my middle name.... hmmm... I think "Joey Disaster Khor" sounds like a really cool name!


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