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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Genting Beckons....

With Hari Raya approaching, Mommie, Fatty Gramps and family decided to contribute to the Malaysian Economy by going on a spending spree in Genting Highlands. This trip, we had 11 of us which can be divided into 3 groups whose agenda are poles apart!

Group 1 comprises of the IR recee team:-
Fatty Gramps, Vera Po, Cindy Po and Grand Uncle Cheong has only 1 thing on their mind.... CASINO!

Group 2 (that's me!!), the always hungry daredevils:-
Uncle Gordon, Uncle Clifton, Auntie Charmaine, Mommie, Indogal and Mighty Mouth completes this group. All the group wanted was "Theme Park, Theme Park and More Theme Park!" Of course, with so much exciting activities going on we need to "fuel" ourselves with loads of "Marybrown, Marybrown and More Marybrown......"

Mommie contributed further by going to a big BIG shopping spree..... I'm not complaining coz I'm the beneficiary of 12 pieces of new clothing and 10 Barney VCDs to add to my "growing" collection.

Group 3..........
Solo member - Grand Kong Kong indulges in 3 simple activties throughout the trip - SMOKE, SLEEP and KOPI TIME.

Gotta eat to pass time Finally arrived. I'm happy!
My uncles and me! What a long queue.
What are the adults doing? Yummilicious Popcorn
I wanna ride alone... but the queue's too long I get a bird's eye view of the indoor theme park, riding in the Rio Float
Sucking out fries from a straw? Acting Cute
Round and Round the carousel Hi there!
Amusing the adults on this boring ride Group photo before we go home


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